The World Is Where You Live

Campaign puts global awareness firmly on the map

Client: WWF / Ogilvy & Mather

Brief: As part of the WWF’s 50th Anniversary, in partnership with United Studios we were tasked with an online concept to help to raise mass awareness of the global problems of sustainability. The aim was to make people consider life without everyday items — so rather than ‘Save the tuna’, the positioning was, ‘Save the tuna sandwich’.

Insight: We saw a chance to create both an informative personal experience and the opportunity to highlight and celebrate the collective increase in awareness.

Delivery: We asked people to choose which item they could least live without — then took them on a video ‘Journey of Awareness’ across the planet to highlight issues with that item’s production. Tips were given on making more informed purchasing decisions and the user encouraged to alter their shopping habits. Each trip was added to a stunning composite ‘Map of Awareness’ showing similar journeys from across the globe — and spreading the message far and wide.

Skills: 3D, API Integration, Design, Flash, Moving Image, Processing