Bespoke Jewellery Site

Online tool for users to design their own jewellery

Client: Kinnari

Brief: We were asked to create the identity for a new online jewellery brand, plus design and build an online tool for users to create their own bespoke jewellery.

Insight: Kinnari and their users collaborate to dream up jewellery designs tailored to each individual user’s taste, so customers feel more like creators than consumers. With this in mind, we wanted to create an identity that captured the brand’s simplicity and elegance, without distracting from the stunning jewellery itself.

Delivery: We ensured that was built to perform equally well across many devices and platforms so users can design on tablets, smart phones and PCs. Without getting too technical, our design tool was a remarkable achievement which we’re really proud of. And when used with the simple integrated payment system, it’s a revolutionary way to make bespoke creations a reality.

Skills: Branding, Custom CMS, JavaScript, Site Design, e-Commerce