22 Oct

The dummy imagery that built this blog

22. October 2010 by Ollie Bourne

This is a post dedicated to the unsung scaffolding that helped secure the foundations of this blog when everything else was uncertain.

This a post dedicated to the imagery and the ipsum that brightened and inspired my developing days.

Unfortunately many of the author’s names have been lost many hyperlinks back.


1 - Unknown Source: This image clearly springs from a mind with great purity of vision and it makes me very happy every time I see it


2 - This image is taken from Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey and is either a shopped image from the film or a picture taken on set. I feel it speaks for itself.


3 - This is a photo by Daido Moriyama of a whale (presumably dead) being hauled somewhere or other.


4 - Unknown Source: It’s hard to tell whether this dog is smiling, I like to think that it is smiling.


5 - Presumably from American Psycho: It may be a still from the film or a press shot.


6 - Unknown Source: I revere this man

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