02 Jan

The Adventures of Reiny and Tutu

02. January 2011 by Greg Danford

During my 11 days off over Christmas, I managed to get a grand total of a half a day to myself (due to an injured neck ruling me out of a family meal!). I decided to use it wisely.

Then I decided to do something I’d enjoy…


During the break I’d realised that, as a designer and animator, I’d never really created anything on-screen for my small children - so I thought I’d put that straight. They each have their favourite teddy - a reindeer called ‘Reiny’ and a turtle called ‘Tutu’ - so I set about bringing them to life. A quick pencil drawing of each, brought in to Flash, and I was away. I only got as far as a 3 second looping animation before they all arrived back home, but it’s a good start.


I don’t want to set my sights too high, but the creation of a story-based game would be ideal. But with a busy couple of months coming up, this could be quite a while off. One good thing to come out of my injured neck situation was remembering how much I enjoy this kind of thing. So, you’ll find me throwing myself down stairs, or feigning injury, in order to get a chance to carry on.

Have a peek at my progress here.

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