03 Jan

Streetview Stereographic

03. January 2012 by Max Novakovic

I came across an online demo called Streetview Stereographic and was inspired to create a short animation that ‘drives’ from Farringdon station past our office and to Smithfield Market. Streetview Stereographic uses WebGL and Stereographic projection on Google Street View images to create a novel effect that looks like what you are viewing is a mini planet.

As the project uses WebGL you will need a relatively new browser such as Chrome 15+ or Firefox 4+. Some interesting results:

-Times Square


-Westminster Bridge

-Arc de Triomphe

stone1I’ve seen some videos before that use Stereographic projection and thought it was a cool effect. Unfortunately, I can’t remember where I saw any of them. I see lots of potential with this; the demo is open source so it could be adapted so that you can specify a route and automatically be walked you through the route in the same style as the video. The video was made quite crudely by taking a screenshot of each frame and then stitching them together with FFmpeg.

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