06 Sep

Standard Definition Animals

06. September 2011 by Greg Danford


I’m certainly no creationist BUT a recent trip to Alligator Bay got me thinking…


The animals that seem to have been on the planet the longest appear to have been created at a lower definition than the newer ‘HD animals’. Like a lot of processes that we’ve seen evolve over a lot shorter timeline, they start off very rough, blocky and obvious then become a lot more subtle and refined as technology moves forward.


I’m thinking about things like the Printing Process, Textiles, TV screens and Arcade Games - to name but a few.


For those who are used to playing games on an PSP, picking up a Gameboy instantly gives the individual a feeling that it’s a device from an earlier age. This was the same feeling that I (used to seeing humans, cats, dogs, horses etc) got when presented with an environment full of reptiles - these must have been created in a time where animals were made from a more basic kit of parts.


Although the modern day ‘HD animals’, as I’d like to call them, have an undoubted refinement to them, the original ‘SD’ ones have a low-resolution charm. As does the Gameboy ;)


[photos taken on Canon EOS 500D]

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