22 Oct

Playing with lines, shapes and time

22. October 2010 by George Profenza

star5I was playing with shapes and the timeline in Flash and liked the shapes that emerged when using the Onion Skin option. It’s like freezing/collapsing time into one.

So I wrote a little script in the morning that would mimic that Onion Skin option but would actually store a graphic. It’s far from finished and it currently only supports strokes and only works in CS5 for now, but feel free to download it.

star3 The accompanying images were made using the script to freeze a bit of John Whitney’s Arabesque. Also there’s a quick screencast to illustrate usage. It’s pretty basic at the moment:

1) Create your line shape tween_

2) Select the frame range. You can do that by just selecting the shape tween layer.

3) Run the script via Commands > Copy Shape Tween As Graphic

In conclusion, have fun making complex graphics with very basic shape tweens. And make sure you check out John Whitney’s awesome animations, if you haven’t already.

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