29 Nov

My harsh (but fair) views on Nokia's 3D projection Mapping.

29. November 2011 by Jason Turner

I went to Millbank Tower to be blown away, but ended up trying to hear a 45 minute DJ set before being fed a pretty average 5 minute 3D projection. It began with a reference to Snake, light trails going round the building acting like Snake. Nice nod to Nokia’s past, I liked this a lot… I really REALLY hope it was being played live by the crowd but I doubt it. (It should have, with part of the building being a live stream of them holding a Nokia hand set.)

Deadmau5 then came on and played what sounded like a pretty good set with live singers? Unfortunately we only could hear bass as we went quite in the thick of it. Deadmau5 played for 45min with a live feed of himself taking up 1/6th (ish) of the building. The rest of the building had rather typical light beams forming shapes and logos. After that he went off stage and we waited… yawwwwwn. 5 - 10 minutes later he came back on after a change of clothes for the 5 minute video that everyone’s seeing online today.

Honestly, I think it could have been better. The projection and technology was great. They were projecting from across a river on a huge building, but unfortunately the huge lack of concept outweighed it for me. First off, why that building?! Its flat and boring, 3D mapping is about using the surface, the shape, getting clever. It was pretty cool they had a live DJ but 45 minutes just watching him without any explanation of how the evening was gonna run was confusing for me. I was there to see mad crazy animation. This 45 minutes needed a ‘show’ and to get some more action. Some big lights, some sound-responsive animation, put him in a boat in the middle of the river, have some people parachute off the tower, do anything! Maybe even let people know how the evening will roll out. All that happened was people talking to each other asking ‘where’s this mad animation stuff?’ Or ‘Is this it?’.

I can be quite a hater of these 3D mapping projects as I feel most of ‘em are severally lacking in CONCEPT. I feel they tend to be very random, I don’t like this- all I see is burning cash. Anyway, I’ve posted a few I do like:

Prague Astronomical Clock - 600th Anniversary Show

H&M Projection on the Dam Square Amsterdam

Ralph Lauren 4D Experience

nokia3d It seems a shame that such a great and large-scale opportunity to do something amazing in London’s digital world has been missed. There could be many understandable reasons why this fell a bit short.. who knows? All I know was last night there were bound to be a few agencies walking away with the ‘I could have done better than that’ attitude. I hope they get a chance and do.

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