28 Oct

I know what you did last weekend

28. October 2011 by Greg Danford

Last weekend we went go-karting. Well, we tried to go go-karting…

Here’s a thought - if you’re considering racing at ‘F1K’ - don’t take their advice and go to Heathrow Terminal 3 to get taxis, otherwise most of you will spend your time watching others trundle round the track.

Anyway, Windsor was nice afterwards. We enjoyed a healthy meal and an unhealthy amount of booze. This likely made Queen Liz quite happy that she was out of town.

If the measure of a good night is the lack of recollection surrounding the end of it then this one was right up there with, erm, some other good nights that escape me right now.

Regardless of the ‘moves’, I think we all felt worse than Jagger the next day.

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