28 Feb

How to get started with the Molehill API and Away3D 4.0

28. February 2011 by George Profenza

3 Yesterday at the Flash Gaming Summit the Pre-release of Flash Player 11 was made public, which is pretty big news. Developers kept an eye out since Adobe Max when the first Molehill 3D API demos were displayed.

Here some a couple of videos of examples I’ve managed to compile: 1

Abstract Radiolarian


Abstract Starfish

Even though the Molehill API is pretty low-level, more 3D APIs will support this feature, as Away3D is at the moment so developers will be able to leverage their previous knowledge on 3D APIs in Flash to create 3D accelerated content. Thibault Imbert from Adobe has a more detailed of the APIs on his blog.

At the moment the AGALMiniAssembler is used, but the “PixelBender 3D beta release coming Friday 4th March on Adobe labs” the PixelBender team announces.

Also Unity announced they will be supporting the new 3D API with an extra web publishing option: Flash.

I won’t go much into great details covering everything. You can find a good roundup of the Molehill new on Uza’s blog. Interesting times are around the corner. Looking forward to see how this changes the type of content delivered.

Note: The Unity image is ‘kindly borrowed’ from the Unity blog.

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