24 May

Greg 2.0

24. May 2012 by Jason Turner

    As some of you may or may not know its was Greg’s (co-founder of disturb media) 40th birthday a week or so ago.

    In true disturb fashion we wanted to send him off from his 30’s with something special to have at the party… thus Greg 2.0 was born. Armed with a digital SLR, Aruduino, an ‘Easy’ button, printer, projector, lasers and a lot of beer we went to work.

    Greg 2.0 is a double life size cut out of Greg 1.0 (the man himself) housing a camera situated in his mouth. When a user presses the ‘Easy’ button it counts down (cue the lasers) and takes a photo of them. This photo was then projected in the pub on a huge projector behind the DJ. The image is then added to a slide show that was playing on the projector throughout the evening.

    We made a little video to show you what we got up to, the only problem is that we had so much fun on the night we completely forgot to film the actual event so is more a ‘making of’. We do, on the other hand, have the resulting photos (presented in the video). We feel the photos captured show the success and fun Greg 2.0 brought to the already amazing evening.

    If your interested in the tech side then heres a bit for you, if not I suggest you just watch the video. There were two main parts to making Greg 2.0 come alive, the ‘Easy’ button and camera trigger.

    The camera trigger was the easy bit, we juts hacked apart a standard 3.5mm jack trigger to find that all it does is complete the circuit powered by the camera. It does this twice, one cable ground to focus and another to take the photo.

    Hacking apart the ‘Easy’ button was a little harder. We predicted it would be a standard switch (allowing power thorough on press) but this was not the case. The switch constantly draws power and when pressed stops… in retrospect, not that hard but surprisingly there were little to no write-ups online about how to do it.

    We will do a post on it real soon!

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