18 Jun

From the Disturb archives: Cushe Online Store

18. June 2011 by Disturb Media

From the archives: Cushe Footwear asked Disturb to create a unique and interesting shopping experience. From initial scamps to design and production this was a project we were responsible for in its entirety.

It looked great, worked great, and sold footwear at such a pace that the shop had to go offline while it got it’s breath back.

This was a project from the first year of Disturb’s existence, spanning 2007/2008 and it still remains very close to our hearts. as we were establishing our own brand of digital design, we were helping to further the flourishing footwear brand that we’d been working very closely with during its formative years.

At the time, a Flash-based online store was quite an adventurous way to go - but our brief was certainly not to stay safe. We didn’t have today’s heightened worries of cross-device compatibility so created an immersive online shopping experience that was certainly functional but more focused in expressing the brand’s personality and ethos.

Things change so quickly that, 4 years later, we likely wouldn’t answer the same brief in the same manner - but it has it’s place in our and Cushe’s history as one of the many milestones that helped to make us both what we are today. Happy days.

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