19 Mar

Foldbooth iPhone App

19. March 2012 by Disturb Media

Disturb Media and Luis Carranza have just launched an innovative new iPhone App which aims to bring a smile to some people’s faces by removing the smile from other’s!

It’s called Fold Booth, and the simple premise is, just like you would with a piece of paper, you virtually ‘fold’ images on screen. What do users create? Well, a whole variety of innovative, creative and often surprising content. How did it come about?…

When asked where the concept came from, Luis Carranza, a consultant Creative Technologist and Social Marketing Strategist said “There’s an App for just about anything. I remember having a proper “LOL” playing with another face-morphing app. I was amazed at how something so silly could bring so much momentary joy. If you make people laugh out loud, there’s a really good chance they’ll share the moment with someone else.

“Fold Booth was designed for a quick laugh. There’s nothing wrong with laughing at ourselves or at others, especially when no harm is intended. Part of the inspiration for Foldbooth came from my days at university. Each year they’d print photos of the incoming class on a wall. Each year, without fail, someone would start folding the photos. Then I saw Kempfolds, a blog where people submit folded images of Ross Kemp’s very foldable face. I thought that if you apply that same type of humour to images of people, animals and objects, we could possibly make a nice little app.

“Unfortunately I’m not a developer, but luckily for me, the guys at disturb media live for creative technology. I approached them with the concept and, fortunately, they’re the kind of guys who like to take on fun, experimental work as often as they’re able to. So, Fold Booth was swiftly crafted, and the results were beyond my expectations. The designs were amazing and the user experience was perfected version by version.

“I’m really pleased with the App. We’ve create a little tool that people will use in unexpected ways. I can definitely see folded politicians in America, folded cats on the web and maybe even folded porn. Whatever people do with it, we just hope that they get a “LMAO” or two.”

The Foldbooth.com site is an online extension of the personality and content of the App, allow the curious among us to take a peek at the variety of uses that Fold Booth’s growing community are exploring. The site, along with the obligatory Facebook page and Twitter account was also created by the team at Disturb and plans are afoot to extend the offering further still in the coming weeks.

Who knows where this will lead? The creators certainly don’t - but that’s the exciting aspect of such ventures and exactly the reason that off-the-wall creations will never cease to exist.

The App’s available here. What will you fold?

fold1 fold2 fold3

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