18 Oct

Disturb on film

18. October 2012 by Jason Turner

I finally developed a load of film thats been hanging around in my desk draw for months. Most of the photos happen to be taken around disturb media and of employees and friends of the company.

I love film… not because it’s super Hoxton and ‘really now’ with the kool kids. I love it for two reasons, one I keep it and two because I don’t quite know what I’m going to get.

The photos I’ve posted today aren’t my best but hold a lot of memories and good people, so I’m happy to show them.

I choose to leave my film photographs un-edited. I’m not in it for light leaks and dust but believe in the hard work that went in to making the film and camera and choose to stick with what they achieve together.

These photos have been taken on 120 400iso Kodak Portra Natural Colour, my favorite ;-) The photos are 6x6 so you only get 12 on a roll, this can get pretty pricey but would highly recommend these guys for developing, http://www.thewholepictureonline.co.uk/ … They take care and pay attention.

The photos were taken with a Yashica Mat 124g ( info ). It’s Japanese, some would say a copy of other German cameras at the time. It’s a very high standard for a pretty good price (I got mine for £140 :-/ ), they were manufactured from 1970 - 1986 but can now been found on eBay. It’s really heavy and hard to use but has a huge charm to it and is a real pleasure to shoot with.

Hope you like the photos, they’re a little random and low quality this time but I guess it all adds to the effect ;-)

Disturb on film Disturb on film Disturb on film Disturb on film Disturb on film Disturb on film Disturb on film Disturb on film Disturb on film Disturb on film

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