09 May

Digital Shoreditch quick notes

09. May 2011 by George Profenza

    3 The week that just passed was filled with all things digital around Shoreditch as part of Digital Shoreditch I wasn’t humanly possible to attend everything available, so I will share a few opinions on a few of the events I had the chance to see. Lately I’ve been insterested in 3D in general (be it modeling on a computer or analog, scanning, printing, augmenting reality, etc.) so it made for me to start with a visit to the nice people at Inition.

    1 I was blown away by the 3D technologies they had available: 3D scanners, ZCorp 3D printers, 3D displays in different formats(with or without 3D glasses) and in different sizes, depth cameras, AR solutions, Motion Capture solutions, etc. It would be awesome to work with some of these technologies at some point, and I’m sure our talented Motion Artists would be very interested in creating amazing content.

    2 Started my Saturday early morning with a visit to the “From Digital to Analogue, and back again” session hosted by the London Metropolitan University. Had the nice surprise to get myself scanned while I was there.Thanks to Chris, from Metropolitan Works, I’ve learned more about how 3D scanning works, the different solutions available depending on the scale of the scan and different techniques used to ‘stitch’ 3D scans which was very interesting. Since the event was hosted in the Shoreditch building, we could only see recordings of how the 3D printers works. The actual printers are at Metropolitan Works, which work in partnership with the University. Pia Jonsson, who teaches the animation courses at London Metropolitan University demoed an interesting blend of 3D scanning, 3D printing and photography for stop motion animation and lip synching. A similar technique was used in Coraline I was informed.

    4 Later I joined the friendly folks from SketchPatch and tried to lend a hand with their drop in session. Anyone interested in picking up a bit of Processing, even completely new to programming, could take part in an introductory workshop/session using nothing more than the browser itself. In case you haven’t tried SketchPatch before, I recommend you do. It is a nice little environment to get started with programming without installing anything, and you can learn by modifying existing sketches and share your creations with the world.

    5 It is interesting to see what your creation evolves into as it gets cloned and ‘remixed’ by the community. Finished my day by visiting qMedia research group at Queen Mary, University of London. Augmented Instruments, Kinect driven instruments, wearable technology, real time avatar responsive agents, they had plenty interesting projects as well.

    Overall, it was great to take advantage of the knowledge shared out there. Got home inspired and hoping to get involved with innovative technologies in my current work. I’ve only covered little of what Digital Shoreditch had to offer, but there are plenty of nice thoughts shared via twitter. Don’t forget to check out the resources on the main site.

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