31 May

Diamond Jubilee Playlist

31. May 2012 by Greg Danford

In the caring, sharing spirit embodied by our gracious ruler and, no doubt, displayed by millions of Jubilee Partygoers up and down the country this weekend, I’ve spent time toiling over a Jubilee Street Party Playlist - so you don’t have to…

But, it’s not all royal-related, or even full of Queen songs - the rules that I’ve applied to this Spotify Playlist are that I wanted 60 tunes, one from each year of Queen Elizabeth’s reign (in order), and each of them must have been number 1 in the UK charts at some point during that year.

You could apply the same rules yourself and come up with a completely different selection (apart from 1952, the year that the UK chart started, where Al Martino was the only artist to have a number 1 hit, the greedy little so and so).

The only regrettable part of the outcome has been that Spotify doesn’t have The Beatles or Oasis - quite an omission - so you’ll have to chuck a couple on top when nobody’s looking. Oh, and I kinda had to put the national anthem in there at the end as the last track.

Predictably, Wikipedia has been my source of information for this compilation, and I trust that it’s correct. I was surprised at how many of the tunes I already knew, but must admit that I’m pretty keen on 50’s and 60’s music, plus I am starting to get quite old.

It’s been fun to revisit 60 years worth of music and review the nearly 1200 number ones there have been so far. Some years were REALLY challenging - generally, number ones aren’t the ‘best’ tunes of the year IMHO - some years’ number ones are like a chest full of treasure, like 1977, while other are like an empty kitchen cupboard, like most of the 90’s !

I’ll be playing out at my Street’s Party on Sunday. Hope they appreciate the set. It’s here if you want it.

A track listing with the added detail of each tune’s year can be downloaded here.

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