02 Nov

BlackBerry App for Everything Everywhere store launch

02. November 2011 by Disturb Media

ee1 Working closely with our agency partners Motivaction we’re proud to say that we’ve created a BlackBerry App to assist Everything Everywhere launch their new stores. The piece serves to reward existing and potential customers while driving awareness of both the brand’s presence in new locations and the overall existence and offering of Everything Everywhere, who are the parent company for the Orange and T-Mobile brands.

ee2 Brand Ambassadors use the App to offer passers by the chance to win BlackBerry handsets, goodie bags or the main prize; a £5k holiday to a destination of their choice. Users are asked to select from 20 global destinations and then spin a 3D globe in order to try to stop it on their chosen destination, tilting the handset to influence the result.

ee3 We worked with OpenGL to give us the flexibility to create a 3D environment for the gameplay. As well as capturing data to facilitate the competition entry, we created an element of Augmented Reality at the end of the experience to reveal the prize and to draw users into the store to collect it. Developed for the new BlackBerry 9900 device, the game takes place in a 3D space which is rendered using OpenGL ES. Gesture recognition is used to translate the users’ interactions into momentum of the globe. The accelerometer is then used to enable tilting of the device to adjust the rotation of the globe and nudge the destination closer to the target.

ee4 The augmented reality makes use of two newly available features of Blackberry OS 7; the Magnetometer and the ability to overlay content on top of video. Both these features are part of the new Java SDK for OS 7. A successful first weekend now complete, we look forward to the activity rolling out across Great Britain in the coming months and would like to congratulate Motivaction for expertly putting the logistics in place to enable these events to happen.

A video walkthrough of the App can be viewed within the case study on our main site here.

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