16 Nov

5 Unsung Apps

16. November 2012 by Jason Turner

    1. Hexagon

    Forgetting Angry Birds for a minute, this is the most addictive game I’ve played this year. Well… it’s addictive once you can get past the first level and before you throw your phone into a wall. Hexagon is an amazingly basic dance-music-fuelled concept where you move through hexagon shapes that rotate and move in time with the tunes. As the warning at the start of the app states the game is best played with headphones on, you will be suprised how immersive the game gets. - iOS

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    2. Fold Booth

    Probably the best app of 2012 if not all time. Extremely simple and fun, fold photos of your friends to cleverly cut out sections of their anatomy. Works particularly well on the face to create very strange looking people indeed. A great laugh down the pub and it makes for exciting and hilarious Facebook profiles. Oh yeah… and we made it ;-) - iOS

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    3. Zombies, Run!

    I love zombies and I love the silly use of imagination - this app is awesome and I don’t even like running. Basically, the app is for wannabe runners who need a little incentive by being chased by zombie’s. The app gives the illusion that zombies are chasing you and gives you a reason to run. It really is great gameification to go with your regular jog. Through the use of audio and incentives, such as collectable items, this app really gets your imagination going. - iOS - Android - Windows

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    Zombies, Run

    4. Space TV

    Space TV is a Blackberry app that gives you access to lots of cameras run by NASA, many of which are in space. You can watch live video feeds as well as interviews and conversations about all things space. A lovely app to chill out to and learn a little bit at the same time. - Blackberry

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    5. Articles for iPhone

    This app uses Wikipedia’s huge resource of information to provide the user with a comfortable to read encyclopedia at their fingertips. Now you may say, ‘so what - that’s nothing new’, but the reason I’ve included this app is because of its use of maps. Many of the articles on Wikipedia are about a location or an event. “Nearby Entries” allows you to browse by location and, personally, I find this amazing and an opportunity to lose yourself in the history of your surroundings. - iOS

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