14 Dec

2012 in the Digital industry

14. December 2012 by Greg Danford

“So, what do you guys do?” asked the potential client. Hmmm, the thing is… the answer to that keeps changing.

Aside of the standard ‘solving clients problems with simple solutions’ kind of response, it would be good to get an accurate view on what we actually spend our time doing.

So, I decided to take a snapshot of the main 20 projects that we’ve worked on in 2012 and use that to discover our current form.

The findings were very interesting. We have capabilities in a broad range of areas but what are clients actually using us for right now? And is this a reflection of the digital industry as a whole?

The info-graphic may look a bit complex - but I never said there would be a simple answer! In short though, it’s allowed us to assess what the average Disturb Media project has been in 2012:

So, our average project has been:

An HTML build that needs to work cross-platform and cross-device. It has CMS, most-likely a Drupal build, a responsive layout and there’s a high chance that it integrates closely with Facebook.

Sound familiar?

2012 use of digital media

Oh, and as a subtext, it’s hard to create graphics that have some kind of ‘meaning’ and not to start playing around with them… which explains the following images…

2012 digital agency work split

2012 digital disciplines

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